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Is Florida a no-fault state for personal injury law?

If you live in Florida and drive your own car, chances are you’ve probably come across the term “no-fault insurance” in conversations with friends, neighbors, your insurance agent, or even an accident injury attorney. But what does it really mean, and more importantly, how does it affect you if you find yourself involved in a […]
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Comparative negligence in Florida’s new personal injury law

In 2023, Florida’s personal injury laws underwent significant changes. For the last five decades, Florida was a pure comparative negligence state, which meant that regardless of one’s liability, a plaintiff in a personal injury case could obtain compensation for his injuries in proportion to the percentage of responsibility of the defendant driver. For example, if […]
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Our accident lawyers are focused on helping those hurt in South Florida, especially when the pain was caused by negligent or reckless conduct. Kane & Vital offers simple legal help for injured victims.

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