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Toxic Exposure

Toxic Exposure Takes a Long Time to Develop.

Toxic exposure often doesn’t rear its ugly head for years or decades after the original exposure to the poisonous substance. Sometimes, it takes twenty years before the offending material is deemed toxic. For example, asbestos was widely used in the mid-1900s, but it wasn’t until hundreds of thousands of workers contracted occupational mesothelioma that it was labeled hazardous. Contractors, factory workers, do-it-yourself remodelers and ex-members of the armed forces are still suffering debilitating illnesses or death from their exposure to asbestos long ago.

There are several ways that people are exposed to toxic chemicals and substances.

  • Ingestion occurs when the hazardous material is consumed.
  • Inhalation is when the chemicals enter the body during normal breathing.
  • Absorption of toxic substances occurs when the toxins touch the skin and are absorbed.
  • Injection is when the foreign substance is put into the body via hypodermic needle.

Occupational exposure to asbestos, lead and other noxious substances was tolerated for a long time. However, when sickness and death became epidemic, lawsuits inevitably followed because the companies were negligent in their care of their employees. Some companies denied that toxic exposure was the cause of mesothelioma or other lung ailments. They kept exposing their employees while maintaining the business’s profit margin.

That type of negligence is no longer effective. Businesses have realized that they cannot treat their workers as expendable commodities. All employees should be given the safest work environment possible. Hazardous chemicals must be treated conscientiously. Workers must have hazardous material suits and face masks to prevent continued toxic exposure.

The saddest part of this problem is that by the time a person is diagnosed with mesothelioma or some other illness caused by occupational nearness to poisonous materials, they usually don’t have long to live. Even if they contact a lawyer and initiate a lawsuit, those victims will most likely die before they can receive compensation for the gross negligence of their company.

Free Consultation With Our Wrongful Death Lawyers

To effectively prosecute a case of occupational negligence, it’s best if another family member pursues the lawsuit instead of the sick person. Wrongful death lawyers are your best choice for handling the legalities of such a case. A good, experienced lawyer can tell you after one short meeting if you have a good chance of winning a suit. In most cases, you can consult with an attorney for free. Then, when you win your case, the law firm gets paid for their rendered services.

Protect Your Rights – Contact Kane & Vital Today

It seems that every year workers are commonly exposed to yet another harmful chemical without their being aware of the danger they face. If you or a family member was exposed to asbestos or any toxic substance, you have legal rights that a lawyer can pursue for you. Big business cannot place more importance on their bottom line than the health of their employees. If you feel that you’ve been exposed, it’s time for you to be protected by an attorney. Contact us today online or call us at (954) 523-5123.

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