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Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Must Be Reported.

Elder abuse is abhorrent. Nonetheless, elders are frequently mishandled in the United States. Usually, the problem occurs in the victim’s home or at the facilities of a caregiver. It involves the mistreatment of an elderly individual who is frail, vulnerable or otherwise disabled.

All medical professionals or social workers are required to report the mishandling of senior citizens. Abusive treatment can occur anywhere. Our oldest relatives can find themselves in such unfamiliar surroundings as a foster home, a nursing home, a group home or a board and care facility. Staff members and other paid professionals usually perpetrate the abuse that occurs at an institution.

There are six basic types of elder abuse.

  • Emotional mistreatment occurs when the victim is bullied or intimidated by a family member or another resident of a health facility.
  • Physical mishandling is when the victim is beaten or harmed by a caregiver or family member.
  • Sexual exploitation happens when the victim is forced to engage in unwanted sexual activity.
  • Financial manipulation is common when the victim is wealthy.
  • Neglect occurs when a caregiver or relative fails to deliver adequate health care.
  • Fraud is when someone forges the victim’s signature or illegally gains power of attorney for an elderly person.

Consult with Kane & Vital for Elder Abuse Cases

Elder abuse cases require the skill and expertise of a good lawyer, so your loved one’s rights will be protected. If one of your elder loved ones is suffering mistreatment at the hands of another person or an institution, you need to contact a lawyer promptly. Only a lawyer who has experience handling elder abuse cases can guide you through the tangled laws regarding the exploitation of our elder family members. A lawyer can stop the mistreatment and get your loved one to a safe house. If your loved one died as a result of this abusive treatment, an attorney can file a claim on your behalf. You may be eligible to collect compensation for the loss of your relative, but you won’t know unless you confer with an attorney. Kane & Vital is ready to help with your case.

Schedule your free consultation with our Sunrise, FL, elder abuse lawyers. We will come to you. Call us at (954) 523-5123.

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